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The first time I walked into Northwest Georgia Dentistry I knew. I knew that I had found my dentist. My husband heard an advertisement for Northwest Georgia Dentistry on "Hits 96", a Chattanooga radio station. He decided to give them a try. I'm so thankful that he did. I made an appointment a couple of months later. Dr. Henry and his staff are one in a million. Each time I go, I always feel at ease. They are like family, and treat you like you are a part of the family too, always making sure all is well during your visit, and doing anything they can to make you more comfortable.

I needed some work done on my teeth. Dr. Henry was there to help me. Simply put, Dr. Henry is my hero!

Dr. Henry does such amazing work. To see the before and after photos of the work he has done on others speaks volumes. Beautiful work, amazing dentist with a fantastic staff. Why would you go anywhere else?

Thank you Dr. Henry and staff. I appreciate each and everyone of you.

Kimberly Gowens

I've suffered from migraines, neck, and jaw aches for as long as I can remember. The pain was so unbearable I would lose focus, making work miserable. I had looked for treatment only to be advised of a surgery which in order to have it done they would have to break my jaw. I had a regular cleaning at Dr. Henry's office when I mentioned the constant discomfort, he told me about this awesome non-surgical solution for treating my severe TMJ.

At first, I was skeptical, but being afraid of a jaw breaking surgery I was willing to try anything. Not to mention I could no longer tolerate the effort it took just to hold my jaw in position. My jaw was over so far to one side of my face that I looked disfigured.

Shortly after treatment began, my pain and muscle stiffness had almost completely disappeared. Now, just one year later, no migraines, no muscle stiffness, and its not even noticeable I had a disfigured jaw. I don't mind having my picture taken anymore.

Dr. Henry and the staff at Northwest Georgia Dentistry are so friendly and remember details about me and my family. I am 100% pleased about choosing to do this treatment and have never regretted it. I literally could not live without my orthotic and I recommend this treatment to everyone who suffers from Neuromuscular joint disease also known as TMJ.

Once again, thank you for fitting me into your busy schedule this morning. It is and was greatly appreciated. Being comfortable in a dental chair is not always the easiest, but the friendly and professional manner in which your associates conducted themselves put me at ease. Dr. Henry and Carol were both genuine people and broke down their explanations on simple terms and never once tried to speak over my head in any degree of information.

Than you for telling me what the solution will be and not what I should have been doing. Sometimes, the simple things are the best.


Dear Dr. Henry and Team,

I wanted to tell you how much the beautiful teeth you gave me means. When they got knocked out I was in horror and was terrified about what went exceptionally well. Every visit was a good experience; your staff was very supportive and kind, like you. You were so kind and patient with me. You gave me my confidence back and I have had many compliments about what nice teeth I have, and I thank you. You have given me a better smile than I had before my accident. Words can not express how grateful I am for what you gave me- a gorgeous smile.

This is the best dental experience that I have ever had. Dr. Henry is a compassionate and caring dentist who is also quite entertaining. His staff is Great-just like Dr. Henry.

I just had a smile makeover and the results are astounding! Dr. Henry uses the very best and newest techniques. He has received state of the art training at a top rated cosmetic school in Las Vegas. Thankfully, what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas, lol.

After my prep work Dr. Henry made temporaries in his office that looked so good that I got a ton of compliments. Today he presented me with my permanent teeth. They are even better than the temporaries which were totally amazing. I highly, strongly recommend, insist that if you are contemplating a smile makeover, that you choose Dr. Henry. Why mess around when you can have the best?


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